About me

Hi, I’m Sky. So happy you made your way to my blog! Here are a few things about me. 

I have been on this beautiful earth for 22 years now.
I think about my old friends I miss, often.
I LOVE dogs, and believe me when I tell you that everything in sight disappears when I see one.
I have a love for bookstores.
I open up to people quickly, but wish I didn’t.
I love talking to the stars and the moon.
I collect hats.
Sometimes I am afraid to live for the fear of what others will think of my choices.
I love to travel, it makes me feel alive more than anything else in this world.
My biggest fear is the routine.
I get bored easily and I can’t stay in a place for too long.
Seattle is my favorite city.
I love to strike up deep conversations with strangers, especially in airports.
Southern California is my home away from home.
I have a fear of moths.
My lucky number is 3.
My favorite color is purple.
Being next to the ocean soothes my soul and makes me feel free.
My dream job is to write and take photos of my adventures around the world…and to do so freely, though what I write may be overwhelming at times, and difficult to understand.
I love the sound of rain on the pavement, and when I love, I love really, really hard.